Maintaining the integrity of your website is important to keep your site secure from malware, hackers and for your website to display and function properly. Think of a website being similar to your cell phone. Your cell phone system is always making updates in order to fix bugs.  The same is necessary for the Plugins, extensions, and your website framework.

Your website needs to be monitored on a regular basis and keeping up with expirations and updates.

The Maintenance and Monitoring Package gives you peace of mind and is recommended for all website owners.


  • Site Monitoring

  • Page Speed Monitoring

  • Server Performance uptime and response time

  • Framework/plugin/extension patches & updates

  • Firewall updates

  • Backup of website files and database


  • Broken Anchors

  • Server Issues

  • Slow Response Time Pages

  • 404 Issues

  • Broken Images

  • Page Access Issues


The Maintenance and Monitoring Package includes the monthly while the technical audit is done annually.